By Nancy Glock-Grueneich
originally posted in 2017 at

Shaping the Systems That Shape Us

How systems affect everything that matters. How the systems we have work for us. And also against us. How people world round are showing how to solve our biggest problems by changing the systems that affect us all. Strategies we’ve been learning from these successes. How we can use these strategies to open whole new possibilities for our lives, our kids, our communities and our world.

Growing Movements, Connecting Campaigns

Movements change people. They shift beliefs, refocus goals, open up new spaces, inspire intense action and bring to light new opportunities. Campaigns are the cutting edge of movements, with specific goals and strategies, timelines, benchmarks, revisions, recognizable setbacks, clear victories—full or partial, intended or surprising—and celebrations.

Put Yourself on the Map

See your own gifts, resources, position and passions for what they are and where they can make needed contributions to solving immediate problems and helping leverage bigger systems change. “Find your tribe”. And venture across the bridge to know and work with other tribes as well.

Would you like to share your own aspirations, experiences, questions, or observations on what change is needed or how to make it happen?

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